Monday, October 3, 2011

"The Dick Van Dyke Show!"-Blog-A-Thon

When I think about Dick Van Dyke, there are not enough words to say about how much I love that show. I'm 46 but I started watching as a child at around age 5. when I first started watching the show I liked how funny the comedy was in the show. I love all of the actors in The Dick Van Dyke Show. I love when Rob Petrie was always at work in the office with Buddy and Sally trying to come up with ideas for the next Allan Brady Show, I was always laughing out loud watching those office scenes, they were extremely funny. My all time favorite were the actors Dick Van Dyke with Mary Tyler Moore they had this chemistry with each other that on one else had together on a comedy show, I mean Rob and Laura Petrie were a great tv couple I always wanted to have the Rob Petrie husband when I grew up, and I ended up getting my wish I have a Dick Van Dyke type husband. Any of my favorite episodes I pretty much like all of them. I did like the one were Laura dyed her hair blond. Her and Millie tried to hide Laura from Rob with her hair dyed blond hair. Well as you can tell I can go on talking about the Dick Van Dyke Show forever, but from what I can tell everyone is The Dick Van Dyke Show was the greatest show on television in all of history!!! I love it !

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TCM Guest Programing Host/Ben Mankiewicz-Month of August 1-31, 2011 for The TCM Summer Under The Stars Festival

Yesterday Monday August 1, 2011 The start of  The TCM Summer Under The Stars Festival. And Ben looks great in that suit, I mean very very good looking, but I know he hates wearing that tie. I heard him talk on his Young Turks program that he does not like wearing a tie, that TCM makes him wear one. Ben said, "that the late Tony Curtis gave him advice on how to wear a shirt. And not to wear a tie with a shirt or an under shirt underneath a shirt and to have some of the buttons undone". That was good advice Ben does look good on how he dresses, but I think he even looks better wearing the tie. I'm sure I will enjoy seeing Ben everyday of the week this month and I figure that I will not get much sleep this month with watching him host, just like when you can't wait to go to school because the substitute teacher looks so good-looking. Ben is a great host he really does know all about the movies.

TCM's Guest Programing Host/Tippi Hedren-Week of July 25-31, 2011

This is the actress Tippi Hedren remember the movie "The Birds" yes that lady. Over all she did an ok job at hosting, but I did not really like her all that well, although she did wear some very stylish clothes that made her look great.

TCM's Guest Programing Host/Jane Powell-The Week of July 18-24, 2011

This is the lovely actress named Jane Powell, She really did a very nice job for filling in for Mr. Osborne. I would like to actually see her again co-hosting some program with Robert in the future.

These pic's are from the movie 1948's Luxury Liner, part of the TCM sets sail for the promotion for the first ever TCM Classic Cruise for December 8-12, 2011. Jane Powell looked beautiful here in this movie when she was younger, Don't you think?

TCM's Guest Programing Host/Robert Wagner-Week of July 11-17, 2011

Like my last post I was very surprised to know that Robert Osborne was on leave from TCM. Because when I watched Robert on Sunday July 10 he had looked fine to me, so come on Monday July 11 I turned on TCM and was surprized to fine Robert Wagner in his place. The picture below.

This is the actor Robert Wagner, former star of stage, screen and TV and Natalie Wood's widow. Robert Wagner was an ok host, I do not think is suit fit that great. I do like that all of the host say that "they are house sitting for their good friend Robert Osborne while he takes some time off from his hosting duties".

TCM's Robert Osborne Takes A Vacation

If anyone who watches (TCM) Turner Classic Movies knows who Robert Osborne is and for those who do not who he is, Robert is the weeknight host of turner classic movies from 7:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. that is central time and everyone else can figure their own time location out from this. Well anyway Robert is taking a vacation/leave of absence from is hosting duties because he had minor surgery. This is a picture of Robert hosting on Easter Sunday 2011. Robert has been hosting on TCM for 17 years now and he is 79 years old. Robert is a great host and will be greatly missed until his return on TCM. And I wish him all the well and a speedy recovery to a great man.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend 2011

These are pictures of Mother's Day weekend 2011 my son's Aven and his fiance Alexis and her family took me out to Old Country Buffet on Saturday May 7, 2011 this is a pic of my son Blake and Alexis's brother CJ walking into restaurant.
These are Alexis's aunts and grandmother walking closely behind us.

My son's Blake, Aven and Aven's fiance Alexis as we are waiting in line at Old Country Buffet.

This is Alexis's Brother Jarred Johnson with his girlfriend Haley and it also was her 18th birthday too.

Blake, Aven, Alexis and Alexis's, aunt, grandmother and Mom Tammy Johnson looking at Aven.

                                        I took this picture of everyone except for one of Alexis's aunts and grandmother and my son Blake they all went to use the bathroom, in this picture is of my son Aven, fiance Alexis, Alexis's brother CJ, Jarred with his girlfriend Haley and one of the aunts and Alexis mom Tammy. I call this pic My Future in-laws.

This is only part of the food that I ate the food is all so good at Old Country Buffet.

Dessert was all so cool, just look at this very overflowing chocolate ice cream sunday.

Here is a picture of me I took of me enjoying my meal, and Aven and Blake sitting next to me and Alexis brother CJ standing up in the back round with the Cubs cap on was getting ready to leave.

And finally we are all leaving the restaurant.